As luck would have it

As luck would have it

I keep talking about Bhutan and my upcoming trip all the time – I just can’t help it. I was not ready for this one thought. So, while my new colleague Mahesh and I debate the stress that a race like this might or might not put on ones knee, I learned that during his career he was running one of the worlds leading companies for prosthetic solutions  – Össur. Before I knew it, he’s on the phone with some of his former specialists and asking for a picture of my leg along with some specific measurements.

That was last Thursday. Today, only one day after I arrived back in Germany myself, these two pretty cool and extremely light knee braces arrived at my home. How awesome is that?

Do I need it because I have knee issues? No! None whatsoever but why wait. When you put it on it feels like a sock, is very light and wears really easy. So why not cut my knee a break? I am as excited as I’m grateful for this generous gift. I will certainly test it and report back….

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