What the son has to say…

What the son has to say…

Running four or more times a week is something not many people do. Running longer distances like a marathon is something that only a small minority of people will do or ever did. Being able to include my father as one of the few people that are physically and mentally strong and somewhat stupid enough to do an ultra marathon in Bhutan, fills me with pride and shows what a human is capable of achieving if he is designated enough and has enough willpower.

I think Bhutan is a great opportunity to gather a lifetime experience, which one can only feel through participating themselves. I can remember back when he went out for his first runs during my rowing practices. It is astonishing to see how he evolved from being a beginner, running a maximum of 5km, to now doing a 250km ultra through the Himalayan mountains.

Everyone starts off small at some point but it its up to the individual to decide what to turn the opportunity into. I can proudly say that my dad has turned his opportunity into something big.

Felix Liebich

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