Getting there

Getting there

Today I received another note from the event host. It included my updated visa for Bhutan and a longer email stating all the little things one shall remember, as well as plenty good tips. I got nervous, knowing I will likely forget something- why would it be different this time. Well, so be it. I will consider it part of the journey. 

I finally got my e-visa for India on the way. This time with a little help from my boss. He put his credit card in and it just worked. Now the next 72 hours will tell if I provided sufficient information. 

I also tested my new watch (Garmin fenix 3 HR) over the weekend and love it. It works well, provides good stats and wears easy. I think the battery should handle the distances in the mountains, as it seems to last for quite some time. 

What’s left? Well, going through my checklist again, getting my health attest from my doc, buy my gels and power bars for the entire week… Test pack my bags and check weight. I only have a 8kg allowance. Will probably leave the soap at home. 

Keep you posted…