Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished


I have done it. 200 km in 6 days, with 10.000 m up and 8.000 m down.

I had many doubts along the way, but I finished. I cannot describe how it feels, I’m not even sure what it is I feel right now. It was certainly the greatest challenge I have ever put upon me (maybe next to getting married – joke!) but it was moreover something I wanted for me. I wanted to come clean with a few personal topics, I wanted to explore my personal future and I wanted to leave something behind for the one I love the most, Felix. Son, your are the best that ever happened to me, you gave my life reason and sense. I’m incredibly proud of you and will always be. However, there will be times in your life when things get rough, unpleasant or unbearable. If you feel you can’t do it, can’t cope anymore, think about me in the bush, laugh out loud and pull through. You are already so much stronger then I am. I was able to do it and so can you! Also, please stay in shape and don’t ever get a belly. 😉

I want to thank my friends, acquaintance and companions for the cheering and ongoing support. You guys made a difference and became one more reason to not drop the ball (in hindsight it would have been smarter to having kept my mouth shut but I guess that wouldn’t be me).

My #Bhutan2016 hero list in no particular order. This is the folks that got me running even more.

Thanks Christian Faulstich, Mandy McFarland-Weidman, Sue Hatfield McFarland, Matthew Weidman, Bill Welch.

Mahesh Mansukhani for rushing some really cool knee support device to Germany and my special and old friend Petra Barth, who cheered for me in so many ways – online and in person. 

All of you, that commented, cheered me up and even put me in your prayers.

A special ‘thank you’ goes to Kerstin Hoffmann, who introduced the idea of creating a Blog and has spent the time to receive, organize and post my text and images.

Last but not least my wife Heidi, who had to simply accept my stubbornness when I decided to sign up. She was most concerned with me getting lost but here’s the breaking news: “I’ll be coming back, honey!”

I feel grateful and blessed being surrounded by such good and caring people.


The ceremony 

As for the last evening. We enjoyed a great dancing and singing show in a 5* hotel resort, performed by local artists.

The former prime minister himself joined us, gave a speech and handed us our trophies. Very cool.

After having lived in the woods for six days, with extremely basic food and hygiene conditions, it feels good to sleep in a bed again and take a shower. The next 2 days are for sightseeing and connecting with this new group of great people I had the pleasure to run with. I’m sure some friendships were born.

If all works out I’m going to leave Bhutan on June 6th, to arrive in Düsseldorf on the 7th.

Mission accomplished. What’s next …