Final preparation

Final preparation

Last day. Time to do a final equipment check. As you can see from the equipment page, there is a few mandatory items that one must bring, in total an 8kg allowance. Not sure yet how to make latter one happen as my power bars are already 2 kg. I shall master this!

I will do a final short run today, just to keep the inner engine on alert. Due to business reasons the last days have been filled with lots of travel, so almost no running whatsoever. On top a pretty significant jet lag, which I’m going to add to soon. But now is not the time for weeping. Let’s do it.

Tomorrow at 11:30 Etihad airlines shall fly me into Abu Dhabi, where I have a 6.5 hour layover (time to sleep a bit) before I leave for Delhi, India.  After another few hours of layover I hopefully make it into Paro, Bhutan. Apparently Paro airport is so hard to fly into, only 8 pilots in the world are qualified to even try. Speaking about adventure.

The image below shows the schedule.


From here on a good friend and trusted advisor, Kerstin Hoffmann, shall post instead of mine. I shall send Kerstin updates whenever possible and she will keep the BLOG up to date. Thank you Kerstin! 

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