The adventure begins

The adventure begins


My name is Kerstin, and you might have met me before in this blog. I am taking over for the next few days, while Dirk has already started the greatest adventure of his life.

We do not know what to expect, but I hope Dirk will have some internet connection every day, so that he can send me at least a photo and some lines about the respective day. I will put it online as soon as I get it. Perhaps he might also be able to update his Facebook account every now and then.

So far we know that he has safely arrived at his starting point, and also the luggage made it. Let’s all wish him the very best and keep our fingers crossed.

If you want to take part in this adventure: Please use the comment form under the articles to share your thoughts and to send Dirk motivation and support. Also, if you like, share the news with your friends.



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