Travellog 05/27/2016 (2)

Travellog 05/27/2016 (2)


After an 1.5h transfer I arrived at the hotel. It’s a nice place and the room has a shower. I already smell so bad and start to wonder how bad one actually can smell. I shall find out but for now I have a last one for the week.

Check-in starts with someone from the race team cross checking all mandatory items. Check!Unfortunately they also checked the 8 kg allowance. Failed by 5 kg! How was this possible? So, I will have to leave the soap and extra shirts. The food I need.

The medical details and all legal docs are in order, so I’m good to go. Seems like a fun crowd, from all over the world. I’m already in touch with most of them, took only minutes. Everyone is excited and full of energy.

At 1900 the ceremony starts. Not sure what to expect but I hope they serve beer. I’m so ready for one.