Travellog 05/28/2016

Travellog 05/28/2016


I got a really good night of sleep and feel refreshed and ready.

I decided last night to repackage my bags and lose 5kg. Like I said, one bar of soap and the toothbrush is left and half the fresh shirts and pants. That shall do. After all the extra weight is to be carried by Sherpa up to the monastery.

Yep, you heard Sherpa. That’s what I said. Some areas are really steep. I took a last shower and shave and just finished breakfast.

Now let the adventure begin. Last light breakfast here at the hotel. Mostly jam and toast, very light coffee (this might become a challenge).

052816water 052816flag

We will be transferred to the first camp this morning, a 3h drive over narrow and curve roads, that often are blocked by cows. It’s wild and it is beautiful.


* * *


Camp is set. Enjoying an afternoon tea before the pre-race announcement starts. It seems the next days will be more rough than expected. The weather forecast calls for heavy rain during the next days. I will see how that goes.



* * *

Before dinner we received our race briefing. Details about the track, what signs to look out for, what to do if you lost track. Summary: “If you don’t see a new marker within 1min of running or 2min of walking, you are wrong! Turn back!”

Next the medical briefing. Wow! Two medical doctors with specialization in high altitude conditions and emergency medicine are supporting us (Amy, Jenn). Any was selected to be the doctor at the next Mount Everest exhibition. Just cool people, like the rest I have met so far.

Everybody is extremely supportive and not short of a tip. Some almost run for a living, majority has jobs e.g UNO, medics, managers… We even have somebody who became 2nd in the US show survival. We gathered after lunch  and talked for hours. All we drank was water – although a glass of wine would have been appreciated.

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