Because you can!

Because you can!

When I got the news about your plan to do an ultra-marathon in Bhutan I have to admit that I wasn’t really surprised. O.k. the location is somewhat special and certainly not the first spot that comes to mind when thinking about a run. But the ultra-marathon by itself is just a logical consequence of your development in running over the past few years. I know you as a very determined person and someone who is always testing the limits. Bhutan is out of the ordinary, makes the entire adventure magic and special and is pure motivation. Therefore it all makes sense to me.

You won’t believe it but your plan to run 200km in the mountains is something I can actually relate to. Maybe not running but hiking. When I was a bit younger (o.k. a lot younger) I did a fair bit of climbing and spent many times in the mountains far away from civilization. Together with my wife I did 10 days of hiking on one of the toughest trails in Europe, the GR20 in Corsica. Many of our friends called us crazy, too. Why on earth would you do anything like this on vacation? A backpack of 25kg, no comfort whatsoever, enormous heat, steep climbs in very demanding terrain, pure exhaustion every day and no option to quit. The answer is simple. Because you can!

By going through all this strenuous effort we have learned so much about ourselves. We found our true limits and pushed them every day to get to the next stage. The experience was very intense. I will never forget the feeling of pure joy and deep satisfaction at the end of every stage. To share this with a community of likeminded crazy people made it even better.

Your adventure made me start running again myself. I felt inspired and wanted to show my support by running in solidarity for you. It is just typical for you to use social media and turn this into a challenge for all of your friends. Take something small and make it big!

Can’t wait to hear your stories after your return. It’s about time to catch up over an ice cold beer. Until then I will add many more runs to #Bhutan2016.

Have the time of your life my friend and take care!

Christian Faulstich

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