Getting closer…

Getting closer…

Time is flying these days but my excitement has only grown bigger. For the last few weeks my job took me to California. At first I was afraid of this diminishing my ability to prepare appropriately but I realized quickly that the surrounding mountains are a fantastic means to improve on uphill endurance.

So, I took the chances and started running in the area. It has been very enjoyable so far as the combination of beautiful nature and great weather is hard to beat. Especially if one is used to such conditions in Germany (somebody told me that this year’s summer might fall on a Wednesday!). All in all I’m very happy with my preparation.

I still was not able to get my e-visa for India. I was almost done but then my credit card was not excepted and after three failed attempts my entire record was deleted – thank you India.gov. I shall try again!

So long for now. I’ll keep you posted. 

Edit: exciting news. I just decided to up my running gear by a notch. I sold my TomTom watch and got the new Garmin fenix 3 HR.

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